The Benefits of Sustainable Flooring

September 20, 2019

The current wealth of new, eco-friendly flooring has inspired us to get the message out to our customers: going green on flooring has lots of practical advantages – and the creative use of sustainable materials combined with imaginative design means that planet-conscious alternatives to synthetics can adapt to any style or mood you have in mind.

Sustainable Carpets Made From Natural Wool

Take the rise in interest in wool, articulated by the #ChooseWool campaign. This superb natural material is warm and luxurious, soft underfoot with insulating and sound-proofing properties; it cleans easily, wears well, looks good – and is infinitely sustainable, being harvested annually from sheep at no cost to the environment. And it is, of course, naturally biodegradable.

Sustainable Flooring Made From Wood

Then there’s the rustic warmth and soft sheen of natural wood – whether it’s reclaimed, or harvested from managed forests, a wood floor offers a lifetime of use, gets more beautiful with age, and can be kept in perfect condition with eco-friendly cleaning solutions such as hot water and vinegar, or hot water, olive oil and lemon juice for a deeper shine.

Where Can I Find Sustainable Flooring?

Wherever your style preferences take you, you’re certain to discover an eco-friendly flooring solution that delivers the practical, good-looking and environmentally conscious credentials increasingly prized by contemporary homeowners. From Woodpecker to Alternative Flooring, from Cormar to Axminster, there’s a huge range of fabrics and materials to meet the most exacting demands.

And of course, every search for the perfect eco-friendly floor should start with Sharon Leon!