How To Keep Your Floor Clean In Autumn

October 24, 2019

Autumn may be a beautiful and colourful season, with the trees changing colour, the crackle of bonfires, trick or treating, and the first frosty nip in the air – but it also tends to be wet. With kids and pets traipsing mud through the house after a weekend of kicking up fallen leaves, your home might be in need of a little extra TLC.

In May we shared some of our top tips for caring for your flooring in Spring. With the recent change of weather in mind, here are Sharon Leon’s top tips for an autumn regime that explains how to keep your floor clean, well cared for, and in the peak of condition.

  1. How To Keep Dirt Outside

A practical way to stop mud and leaf debris from travelling through your home is a simple one – laying mats at the external and internal entrances. Long experience tells us to recommend a heavy duty scraper mat on the outside of your home, keeping the worst of the dirt away from your precious floors.

  1. Solid Wood & Oak Floors 

The golden rule is to always use specialist wooden floor cleaning products – regular cleaners contain chemicals that could cause long-term harm, especially if your floor is oak. Use minimum amounts of water and buff dry with a cloth when you’re done. Don’t be tempted to use a steam cleaner on oak floors as the temperature (not to mention water content!) can have devastating consequences, inflicting long-term irreversible damage.

  1. Wood, laminate and tiled floors – Clean away the cleaner!

Take care to rinse off any cleaner you use – the residue can make dirt stick to your floors and ultimately dull the surface. Wash your floors with one bucket containing cleaner and one bucket of warm – not hot – clean water to finish.

  1. Rugs and carpets

If the worst happens and mud gets dropped on or trodden into your carpets or rugs, it’s best if you leave it to dry before trying to clean it. Sprinkle it with bicarbonate of soda once it’s dry – this will lift it before you vacuum as usual.

Additional Help

For more advice on best practice for cleaning your flooring, visit our showroom – where you can also check out our range of professional standard cleaning products. With Sharon Leon on hand, you can enjoy the blaze of autumn colours – and stop worrying about muddy foot and paw prints.