3 Hot Summer Interior Trends And The Flooring To Match

July 3, 2019


In an increasingly technology-driven world, many of us are feeling the need to reconnect with the natural world – so it’s not surprising that one of the summer’s biggest trends is to emphasise the relationship between people and nature. Botanical greens are going from strength to strength; pair them with natural, unfinished wood, stone and organic materials, and watch your interiors transform as you bring the outside in.

Our Product Pick: Alternative FlooringWoodpecker

Designers are favouring decor that develops a sense of peace and tranquility. By using plants, branches and natural looking surfaces, they’re taking us back to basics and helping us to immerse ourselves into the natural world. This whole look also appeals to the eco-friendly consumer, who is becoming a significant influencer in modern society. To get the look we would suggest engineered wood or bamboo.


Bohemian decor is never out. It’s one of the most enduring, eclectic and fluid looks that can always adapt to flow with current trends. This year, people are taking a simpler approach to the boho vibe, choosing a few key pieces of furniture that look strong and attract the eye to create an aesthetically pleasing, interesting space.

Our Product Pick: Handmade Indian rugsQuick-Step Rigid Vinyl

To get the look, choose hand-knotted rugs. They may cost more, but they hold their value and increase their worth over time – a worthwhile investment that never goes out of fashion and keeps your space a bohemian haven. To get this look we have handmade rugs imported from India in store – an important feature in any Boho interior design plan. To complement the complex patterns we would recommend Quick-Step’s new Rigid Vinyl range.

3. SCANDI 70’s

The minimalist feel of Scandi 70s interior is still going strong in 2019. Simple lines, statement lighting, a cheery colour palette and natural materials are elements that come together to create an appealing environment that pares down on clutter. This trend is defined by moderation and resonates with the current trend of modern people rediscovering their bond with nature.

Our Product Pick: Amtico OneBritons Quickweave™Ulster

The appeal of natural and industrial type flooring has been a designer favourite for a number of years. With the rise in popularity of this look, flooring companies have made it more accessible by offering cheaper alternatives such as laminates and luxury vinyl. These materials are also more comfortable underfoot and are easily installed or removed. But, if you still want to go with carpets then we offer a wide range of products that provide those geometric patterns and bring the 70s looking into the modern day.