Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets has spent over 80 years consolidating and developing its reputation as one of the world’s finest carpet manufacturers.

Drawing on the skills of generations of local workers in Castleisland, County Armagh, the business continues to be driven by its commitment to design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Now, these exceptional quality carpets are available to customers at Sharon Leon!

From yarn processing, handled at Ulster Yarns in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, through to dyeing, weaving and finishing at Castleisland, every stage of manufacturing an Ulster carpet takes place in the UK. The secret of the company’s success lies in its experienced, dedicated workforce, its emphasis on high quality, intricate designs from the specialist team in Kidderminster, and its commitment to finishing. As well as patterned axminster carpets, Ulster also produces luxurious plain carpets on wilton looms, such as York Wilton and Ulster Velvet.

If you’re looking for superb British-made wool carpets, manufactured to the highest specifications by skilled craftsmen and women, designed by an expert creative team, and using the finest yarns, visit our showroom soon and discover the exceptional qualities of Ulster Carpets!