How To Match Flooring To Your Lifestyle

February 11, 2020

Every home is different – and the flooring you choose is not only an expression of your style, but a practical contribution to how you use your space.

4 things to consider when matching your flooring to your lifestyle

1. Goals

When you’re thinking flooring, what do you want it to accomplish? Is your chief aim to wow the neighbours – or do you need your floor to be a practical asset, with strong utilitarian properties? Another point to consider is longevity – especially if you’re planning to sell in the next few years. If you are, hardwood floors could be a better bet, as they hold their value, and are often more desirable for buyers.

2. Style

What look are you going for? As the saying goes, the only limit is your imagination, because you can have any look, any texture, any material you want, from fabric or natural fibre to laminate or vinyl, from Bohemian and geometric patterns to classic designs or biophilic –  one of 2020’s newest trends. To maintain your chosen look, all these factors need to be taken into account before you hit the floor shopping.

3. Traffic

How much footfall does your space absorb? Are you flooring a lounge that gets a lot of traffic from family and visitors, requiring a combination of style and durability? Or a study or workroom, where foot traffic is light, but the space accommodates highly specific functions? It’s time to get flexible – because depending on each room, you could need more than one flooring solution to help your home fulfil its functions!

4. Practicalities

Who lives here? Flooring has to suit the occupants, blending practicality with comfort and style. How much activity does your home host? If you’ve got pets or children, that becomes a critical factor. Part of your flooring solution will incorporate resilience that’s still comfortable and warm underfoot, but won’t wear or scratch so easily.


Which floor keeps your lifestyle running smoothly?

While there are plenty of flooring choices out there, you’ll usually find that just a few of them will suit your lifestyle needs. To make things simpler, we’ve put together a short guide to some of the most popular flooring available at Sharon Leon, and what particular lifestyle needs they match:


Carpet Flooring

Carpets, of course, deliver the ultimate soft surface. Best laid in low to medium traffic areas, carpeting is a safe option for those with babies, toddlers or older adults. If you’re particularly keen on an easy clean option, choose natural wool – the fibres contain a natural wax that protects them from staining and soiling.


Hardwood Flooring

If it’s longevity you’re after, certain species of hardwood offer superb durability that can last for generations. And when it comes to style, hardwood flooring is highly adaptable – easily modified with accessories like rugs to achieve most of the latest trend looks. The boards are also easy to sand and refurbish to remove any scratches that accumulate over the years.


Vinyl flooring

Vinyl offers one of the resilient and easy to clean floorings. It’s comfortable underfoot and because it comes in a massive variety of colours, styles and designs, it’s easy to achieve a high-end look at an affordable price. Some luxury vinyl tiling is so good at mimicking hardwood, you might struggle to spot the difference! If you entertain a lot of guests, this could be the no-brainer flooring for you.

If you want more guidance on matching the perfect floor to your lifestyle, we look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms – or contacting us. Our consultants are always on hand to provide expert knowledge and advice on the flooring that delivers the ultimate footloose solution for your lifestyle and vision!